Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Review

Hello everybody! Welcome to my Silent Hill: Shattered Memories review. I’m going to dedicate it to VoidBurger whose great Let’s Play of Shattered Memories made me want to play it.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories PSP Cover

Console: PSP
Scary game? No, not really
Enjoyable game? I liked it.

In short: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of Silent Hill which I had recently played.

Here’s the stuff that’s the same:

  • It’s about Harry Mason, looking for his daughter, Cheryl
  • Characters with the same names as the characters in Silent hill appear (Cybil, Lisa, Dr. K, Dahlia)
  • It’s set in Silent Hill – many of the locations are similar
  • Multiple Endings
  • There’s an “Otherworld”
  • Apart from that, it’s pretty different.

  • Focuses more on exploration, rather than the horror elements of every other Silent Hill Game
  • The characters might have the same names, but they are not the same people.
  • The puzzles are nowhere near as difficult
  • No fighting monsters – just running away a lot
  • Psychology bullshit
  • The most different aspect that this has to any Silent Hill game is that there are moments when you feel entirely safe, because your character is in therapy with Dr. K – the worst psychiatrist ever.

    Doctor Kaufman Shattered Memories

    This guy is still a dick

    He’ll ask you question/give you scenarios that will influence the ending of the game as well as conversations your character has in the game, and also how the monsters look in the game and how certain characters dress/act.

    Michelle Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    I got the plain version on the right

    It was a really cool concept. “The game plays you as you play it” – however, I thought from the way the game was promoted that it would make it scarier for you depending on what you find scary. Don’t like jump scares – more jump scares, don’t like seeing monsters up close, more close ups, don’t like dolls, more dolls! I don’t know how they could pull something like this off, but this isn’t what happened really.

    Raw Shocks Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    If you’re a slut, the monsters look like sexy ladies…

    The whole “personality type” thing is cool in a way, but you don’t really feel like the game is “playing you”. In the end it influences major things – how you come out of the therapy, and what Harry was like before the start of the game.

    The game told me that I was crazy (apparently this is a difficult ending to get without following a guide – great, I’m naturally crazy), and also that Harry was slutty (this is because I always found posters of sexy ladies interesting to look at and stuff…)

    So, once again, the plot is about Harry, who has crashed his car in Silent Hill and can’t find his daughter.

    Harry Cheryl Mason Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    I love my daddy

    The town is deserted, and he can use his mobile phone to call people, take photos and use the GPS.

    Oh, and sometimes the town turns icy and there’s monsters

    Silent Hill Shattered Memories Icy Monsters Raw Shocks


    Now, unlike previous installments, Harry can’t fight them – just run away until he finds a safe place/solves a puzzle/world goes back to normal.

    These sequences are nowhere near as scary as the Otherworld segments in the first game. I’ll admit, my hands shook a lot on one particular level – but I was alone and playing in the dark, come on.

    It’s just, more frustrating that anything – trying to find your way during the chase sequences can be quite hard without your map (Harry can only use his map in real time, and so monsters can attack you while using it – I think). The best solution I had for this was “I need to go North East” and just keep track of while direction I’m facing – otherwise I get turned in circles, a lot.

    I must admit, I did like the world they’d created – I liked looking at stuff, because sometimes Harry will have something to say, even if it’s not exactly insightful.

    Silent Hill Shattered Memories Camera

    Peeping at womens clothes

    Throughout the exploration parts, you can get mysterious text messages and voice mails – they tells brief ghost stories, or stories about Cheryl at school and stuff. It’s okay, but not exactly scary.

    The puzzles – they weren’t ever difficult. This was a real shame, since you know, Harry had this phone, and this camera and there’s a lot of look at… nah.

    Oh, and yes – you can get Harry to call any phone number that appears. He really likes prank calling people – as he hardly ever talks back, even if it’s not an answering machine. Harry is a bit of a jerk.

    And the third segment of gameplay, ah the therapy sessions. They usually occur after a major event in the actual “controlling Harry” segments appear, and you do a task for Dr. K. and get back to the game. I liked these, but it just seemed pretty random. The only other game I’ve experienced something like this was freaking Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

    To summarise:

  • Not a horror game, more of an adventure game
  • Stuff is influenced by choices you make and things you look at
  • A lot of stuff you don’t have to do (Did I mention there were collectables?) but can if you want
  • Chase segments can be kinda scary, but you can’t even get a game over so…
  • Not really sure why they made this a Silent Hill title
  • Who has played this? What ending did you get?


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