Some Gaming Memorabilia I have bought

This is a bit of a random one. I’ve previously talked about Artbooks that you need in your life so thought today I’d just talk about some game collectibles I own/have boguht for someone else because that kind of thing needs reviewing.

A shout out to Fangamer as they are the ones who stock a lot of cool things. Their customer service is ace and they send you cool treats in with your swag (last time someone sent me a cool picture of Strago from FFVI!! I was well chuffed!)

Read on if you actually care what I own.

The only Action Figure in the flat

Balthier Action Figure

Balthier from FFXII obviously

You may or may not know 2 things about me

1) I have a rather sizeable collection of Lord of the Rings action figures back at my mum’s house from when I was a teenager. Éomer was my favourite one because he looked so angry and could never stand up so he looked angry BECAUSE he can’t stand.
2) We’re Balthier fans in this flat so I had to own this. I saw it in a shop window in Scarborough but the store was closed when I went and since then I because obsessed with finding it. Luckily I think they’re on Amazon/Ebay and pretty easy to find.

However I also kind of want this:

Gabranth PVC Figurine

Gabranth FFXII

Because it’s also cool…

I don’t buy hats but when I do…

OK so while ago there was a Kickstarter for some cute plush Pokémon toys.

Look how cute these guys are!



I never got around to backing the Kickstarter but I realised that she has an Etsy page and also did hats:

Drifloon Hat

OMG how cute is that!

Drifloon Hat: Here

And scarves…

Glaceon Scarf


Glaceon scarf: here

So naturally I thought “let’s get a Murkrow hat for my girlfriend”

Murkrow Pokemon Anime

Krow-Krow Murkrow

Because you can get custom orders off her which is sweeet and it’s really not that expensive for what you’re getting (a custom made hat/scarf/plush).

Proof of being a Pokémon trainer

This is another Etsy buy. I saw a post on Reddit of someone who was selling Pokémon badges and I thought “GET IN!” and made another Christmas purchase…

Pokemon Kanto Badges

They’re so cool!

Pokémon Kanto Badges: here

Pokemon Johto Badges


Pokémon Johto Badges: Here

You can’t really tell from the pictures but they are really well crafted and so pretty to hold in real life.

I mean there is a whole episode of Pokémon Chronicles about how difficult it is to make a badge so I’ll say that this person did really well.

Making a Cerulean Gym Badge Pokémon

The process is like this

More badges

If I was going to buy Pokémon badges for my girlfriend for Christmas there was no way I wasn’t going to try and hunt down an Ace Attorney badge.

Ace Attorney Lapel Badge

This proves you’re a lawyer

Thankfully they Ace Attorney Badges over at Fangamer because those guys are awesome. It’s really well made and I was impressed.

While on Fangamer

OK, every good girlfriend deserves jewellary so… My girlfriend is a Zelda fan and the one that introduced me to the series. I had a massive debate about which Zelda related peice of apparel to get for her. Fangamer sell a BUNCH of cool things.

I hard a really tough time choosing a suitable stocking filler but finally settled on this…

Zelda Boss Key Necklace

Boss Key GET!

Jo says that she gets a lot of compliments on it when she wears it. It’s only a tiny necklace and it looks really pretty.

Boss Key Necklace on Fangamer.

Link Ezlo Boss Key Minish Cap Zelda

Oh crap

Let’s play a game

Not sure if you’re aware but I’m a massive FFVI nerd. I saw these and just had to get them:

FFVI Playing Cards


One of the ‘things’ in FFVI is that your airship is also a casino so cards make the perfect accessory to the game. The art is by Laura Wilson and it’s just gorgeous. Also, it represents Gogo as a “queen” which is really nice (Gogo is a character whose gender is never revealed) as I’ve never seen Gogo represented as particularly feminine before. I have this joke that Gogo is actually Bartz from FFV wrapped in a bunch of blankets because getting swallowed by a worm just seems like something that would happen to Bartz.

You can have a look and maybe even buy these cards here on Fangamer again

More kickstarter stuff

OK! Here’s the thing, I’m a massive fan of Awkward Zombie so when I heard Katie was doing a Kickstarter I just threw my money at the screen. And because the Kickstarter was funded like 10x the original amount we got a bunch of freebies.

It is called ‘Awkward Zombie Adhesive Jamboree and seriously have a look:

Awkward Zombie Pins and Stickers

I wear the AZ badge on my coat

Seriously, I backed like double my original backing because there was the chance for stickers. I am a mental case. The stickers are awesome by the way.

Please tell me you collect random gaming stuff too…

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