SSX On Tour Review

Hi guys, another random game I happen to own via owning a PSP. SSX On Tour. I’ll say this much, before played this game I didn’t even know what SSX was so…

SSX on tour PSP Cover

Console: PSP
What is this game? Like Tony Hawk but for snowboarding
Compared to Tony Hawk? Just… eh.

OK, so I decided to look up SSX – it stands for “Snowboard Supercross” and it’s an EA sports game. EA Sports is a pretty well established “sports games” brand, in fact I reviewed FIFA 10 last week and it was pretty decent for a game I have no interest in.

When I picked this up I thought “this’ll be some crappy snowboard racing game – like the hoverboard racing in Ratchet & Clank, but as a full game.

SSX on tour snowboarding

And, I’ll admit, it impressed me by not being that. It was effectively Tony Hawk but for snowboarding.

Let me talk about Tony Hawk for a little while.

Tony Hawk Proskater 4

I used to play this game with my friends from school and my sister. I wasn’t very good at it. But I remember it for the following things:

  • Being really fun
  • Being really open world
  • Being very customisable
  • Even beginner players could do SOMETHING
  • Being full of random/interesting characters
  • Lots of cool challenges
  • The cheats were awesome
  • The soundtrack was great, full of Nu Metal

One of the levels was Alcatraz.

Tony Hawk Proskater 4 Alcatraz

And the multiplayer was really fun – there was a mode where you could “tag” things in different colour to claim it and whoever tags the most, wins.

Tony Hawk Proskater 4 Grafitti

And the cheats…

Tony Hawk Proskater 4 Big Head

Anyway, Tony Hawk Proskater 4 was a really fun, really memorable game.

SSX on Tour…really isn’t.

I was happy that they still had the same kind of music in the game.

SSX on tour PSP Music

And some of the locations were memorable.

SSX on tour PSP Gorilla

And the tricks you could do where cool.

SSX on tour PSP Tricks

But I felt it really lacked something – maybe the openworldedness, or the fact that you can only snowboard in so many locations, but it wasn’t what I hoped it would be when I realised it wasn’t just a crappy snowboard racing game.

It’s much harder to pick up than Tony Hawk – I had real problems with the controls. I kept failing “easy” missions because I struggled to gain speed, or jump high enough or something like that. I’m generally not very good at sports games, so I expected not to do very well, but I think I expected to do better than I did.

If you’re a fan of sports games – go ahead. If not, give it a miss and just pick up Tony Hawk.

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