Super Mario 64 DS Review

Hi guys, brace yourselves you’re in for a run of Super Mario reviews at the minute. This one of the remake of Nintendo 64 Classic: Super Mario 64 DS. Thanks to Julian Kay for allowing me to play this.

Super Mario 64 DS Cover

Console: DS
Why does this game exist? Not entirely sure.
Original or Remake? Original

This game, as the name suggests to the Nintendo DS remake of Super Mario 64. What a glorious game.

Super Mario 64 Piranha Plant

I fell off things a lot

I never actually completed Super Mario 64 as a kid. I got spooked by a lot of things including:

Super Mario 64 Jolly Roger Bay

All that water…

Super Mario 64 Boo Hallway

The boo in the hallway

Super Mario 64 King BoB Bomb

The big bomb

Super Mario 64 Chain Chomp

The Chain Chomp that barked at you

Super Mario 64 Snowman

The terrifying Snowman

Super Mario 64 Whomp


Yeah, looking back I’m not sure why most of these things scared me – I was just a wuss. I did have fun memories of this game such as…

Super Mario 64 Dropping Penguin GIF

You all did this

Haha! So I was kind of looking forward to playing this for DS to see if I could confront my (great many) fears and actually play this game all the way through.

Short answer: No

Actual review of Super Mario 64 DS

When you play the first thing you find is this:

Super Mario 64 DS Yoshi

Whatttt Yoshi?

Yep, this game has been updated to allow you to play as Mario, Luigi, Wario and Yoshi. In fact you begin by playing as Yoshi. It’s really weird because I have the N64 controls memorised so well that throwing Yoshi at me as the first playable character is a bit of a curve ball.

The graphics are still reminiscence of the original N64 game:

Super Mario 64 DS Bob Omb Battlefield

Hello, old friend

In fact, as you can see above – they are much better than the originals. However there was some appealing about the stark contrast of the N64 game…

Now, something that particularly bothered me about this game – the controls were quite difficult. Transferring from N64 to DS is not an easy task. It would have been better for them to wait for 3DS where they brought the analouge stick back.

However I don’t know if new players would find it as difficult as I did – I had to unlearn my memory of how to play as it were.

There are a few new levels and features that we’re there before which makes this game a little more refreshing.

Super Mario 64 DS Toad

What even is this room and where is the slide I was expecting

But for me, the fact that the controls didn’t involve an analouge stick really put me off. The DS isn’t really made for 3D games. Every time I encounter them I feel they’re jerky and a bit strange. Super Mario 64 isn’t an exception. Nothing wrong with 3D games on this console as long as I don’t have to move in 3 dimensions.

Who has played this version of the game? What did you think of it?

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