Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Review

Right, so a little while back I said Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a game you MUST play if you have a 3DS. I stand by my stance for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call as it is an equally great game.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Cover

Console: 3DS
Is it worth buying if you have the first one? Did you enjoy the first one? Then yes.
Is it worth buying if you have not played the first one? Do you have a 3DS? Do you like rhythm games? Yes, it is, you need no knowledge of the original game or even the Final Fantasy series to like this game.

OK, to cover briefly what the first game is:

  • A Final Fantasy based rhythm game
  • 3 different kinds of songs
  • RPG aspects (like levelling characters up, defeating monsters etc.)
  • A good selection of songs and characters
  • Decent amounts of DLC (the good kind of DLC that enhances the game but doesn’t make itself necessary to buy)
  • So, why upgrade to Curtain Call? I’ll say this much I’ve been excited about Curtain Call for a while.

    I really loved Theatrhythm and the fact there were making another was just… amazing.

    First of all, there are something like 200-300 songs and 60 characters. That is immense! So many hours of gameplay can go into this!


    Look at how many characters there are!!

    Sadly… Edward from FFIV is not in the game :( I really wish he had been.

    Not to mention that I think all the old characters and songs are there. Some of the gameplay for old songs has changed and I think a few of the DLC songs from Theatrhythm didn’t make it (Somnus from FFXIV comes to mind) but if I had to give advice to someone who wanted to but one or the other – go with Curtain Call, there is a lot more content and some gameplay aspects have changed to improve the game.

    One of which is the ability to level your characters stats up using the collectable cards you get by defeating enemies and otherwise finding chests.

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Collectacard Crystarium

    It’s a cute gimmick

    One of the main changes is the inclusion of Airship stages!

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Airship


    Airship stages play much like Field music except there is a slight angle to the notes so you have to think about it differently.

    Another change is that some songs that used to be cut have now been brought to their full length.

    For example, they extended The Decisive Battle from FFV (I’m not complaining, I love this song)

    The Darkness of Eternity from FFX (once again, can’t complain)

    And I believe a few others. It’s quite nice, it adds more playability and a different challenge.

    Another thing that has extended the life of this game series is they have lifted the “points” cap. It used to be 99,999 and that used to be really easy to reach.

    But now, since there are like… three times as many songs, it makes sense to have a higher points cap. You can easily reach 99,999 by playing each song once on easy, normal and hard mode.

    Something that is slightly different in this game is the scoring system. I went into detail about the points system of Theathrythm in another post. It is almost the same in Curtain call except the following:

  • The “natural” point cap is 9,999,999 instead of 7,999,999
  • This means that points are scored slightly differently – for example, getting S (over 7,000,000) in Curtain Call is easier than getting S (over 7,000,000) in the first game
  • You can now naturally get SS and SSS in Curtain Call rather than having to unequip all your items
  • Can you receive SSS without all-critical-ing a song (getting 9,999,999) but I’m not sure what the requirement is. I think it’s something like “over 9,000,000” and “only critical and great notes” but I’m not sure
  • My goal is to SS (get over 9,000,000) every song in the game. I have done it for all but 4 songs. Here I present to you the four songs I am struggling with:

    Force Your Way – FFVIII

    I don’t mind being stuck on this song, it’s really hard. It totally blows Battle with the Four Fiends out of the water. It’s a good song, with a lot of notes and really really hard.

    Battle 2 – FFIX

    I’m pissed off that I’m stuck on this song because I can hit every note in it and it sucks to never be able to do it all in one go.

    Crisis Core Main Theme – FFVII: Crisis Core

    I am annoyed that I’m stuck on this song because the version that’s in Curtain Call is boring as heck and I should be able to beat it. I am happy however, that they put songs from spin offs in this game, it’s pretty cool.

    Warrior Goddess – FFXIII-2

    This one shouldn’t be as hard as it it, but I struggle with Event Stage music as I find the cutscene in the background distracting. All I think of when I play this song is:

  • Who is that guy that looks like Kain
  • Fuck off, Hope
  • Why is Noel falling from the sky
  • Dafuq is happening
  • I have struggled with pretty much every Event music in this game but none of them is worse than this:

    Moonless Starry Night – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

    I have now SS’d this song but like the song from Crisis Core, it is very boring.

    And finally, a mention to…

    Lux Concordiae – Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy

    Beautiful song, but it’s like 1 minute long and has about 40 notes. Most songs have 100+ notes at least so this means you pretty much have to make no mistakes in this song to SS is. Longer songs (…Dancing Mad…) can be harder because your hand begins to hurt but you can afford to make mistakes. However I have SS’d this song now so fuck you.

    I love this game. Buy this game.

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