Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Review

I hope you guys enjoy this Theatrhythm Final Fantasy review because it’s a game you NEED to buy if you have a 3DS.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Cover

Console: 3DS
What is “Theatrhythm”? A really stupid name that’s supposed to suggest it’s something like a rhythm game?
So a Final Fantasy Rhythm based game? Yes, exactly that.

Theatrhythm was created for 25 years of Final Fantasy. It follows in the footsteps of amazingly fun games like Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents. Except instead of pop songs they use songs from the Final Fantasy Series.

A Bit on Rhythm Games

To most people, the only Rhythm Game they’ve played probably involved a Dance Mat. Basically, the game plays you a song and you have to succeed in the relevant actions to progress. On a DS this usually involves the touch screen – tapping and sliding to the rhythm of the song. If you miss a beat you lose health and if you lose all your health before the song ends you fail the stage.

These become hard as balls on the harder difficultly levels but really help improve your hand-eye-ear co-ordination.

A Bit on Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is an RPG series that started way back in the 80s. Common elements are random encounters with monsters, summoning monsters to fight by your side and using magic. I’ve reviewed a fair few of these games.

So, Theatrhythm!

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Battle Screenshot

This is how we battle in this game

Theatrhythm has at least 3 songs from each of the main games in the series (I-XIII) and features at least 2 characters from each of the main games in the series. More songs are available via payable download.

There are 3 kinds of songs:

  • Battles – Each note does damage to a monster that appears. Killing monsters enables you to gain items.
  • Walking – Each note enables your character to walk a distance – the further they walk, the more likely they are to find items
  • Event – A collection of scenes from the relevant game plays in the background of the song. If you’re good at the song you see some extra scenes at the end
  • Did I mention that the art style for this game is super cute? If you’re a fan of the series, you’re probably familiar with these characters – look how cute they are!

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Characters

    Look how squishy they are

    I really love the cute art style used for this game – it’s a really light-hearted game with no real plot and no bad consequences for failing. Making the characters tough-looking would have been a mistake so I’m happy they went with this style.

    Now, Final Fantasy has some amazing music and they did select some cracking songs for it. Songs are usually easier to play if you know them – this is only true maybe the first 3-4 times you play a song. If you’ve played a song dozens of times trying to get an S-rank on Ultimate difficulty, it doesn’t really matter how often you’ve heard it in the past!

    The Top 3 hardest songs in the game!

    Here’s a list of the only songs I have yet to get the highest score on the hardest difficulty.

    Battle with the Four Fiends – Final Fantasy IV

    Granted, a lot of the boss based battle musics are difficult but this one is un-relenting. It’s a shame because I really do like this song.

    Saber’s Edge – Final Fantasy XIII

    Another Boss Battle Theme. This one has this one recurring series of notes that I just can’t get down! Argh!

    Let The Battle’s Begin – Final Fantasy VII

    This is what I mean by “It doesn’t always matter how much you know the song” – if you played FFVII you will have probably heard this more than any other song. It’s the main battle thing. The first half of this song is actually pretty easy but around the half way mark it goes FUCK YOU and becomes really hard!

    Special Mention

    Battle on the Big Bridge – Final Fantasy V

    Hearing the opening bars of this still makes me tense. This is one of the most unrelenting songs in the game – it never stops to give you a break and I honestly don’t know how I S-Ranked this. A version of this song appears in a lot of the games (due to it being the battle theme of one of the few recurring characters). Yikes! I love this song though. Listening to it right now and I’m tense typing this because of the muscle-memory required to do well on this song.

    I really love Theatrhythm. It combined great game-play with great music and also encouraged you to keep playing because of things like:

  • Collectable Cards
  • Unlockable Characters
  • Unlockable Songs
  • Achievements
  • Points
  • The Ability to level your characters up (oh yes! They have abilities and everything! If you suck at a song it can help you massively to equip characters with high HP and defense if you just need to scrape by!)
  • I’ve spent a long time playing this game. It is a must-buy for 3DS owners.


    1. Louise says:

      I NEED to play this game!

      Why did I have to sell my DS? WHHHY?

      • Emma says:

        This game is amazing. It’s 3DS (but you don’t need to use the actual 3D) but if you ever get one, you must buy it.

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