Three reasons to consider the Nintendo 3DS XL

Here’s a guest post from Nintendo UK on the 3DS XL. I really really want one and this is not helping!

So, the latest Nintendo console to hit the market is here and early reviews have suggested it’s proving a hit with fans – but what reasons are there to actually head out to the store and buy a Nintendo 3DS XL? Let’s take a look.


Nintendo 3DS

WANT gimme gimme



Bigger is most definitely better!


While handheld gaming is something we all love to do, there is no getting away from that fact that since the dawn of the video game things have always looked better on a bigger screen. The great thing about the Nintendo 3DS XL is that while very little has changed about how you use it; the sheer size of the screen gives games a whole new atmosphere. In fact, the combined difference in screen size between the old model and its successor adds up to a staggering 90 per cent.


Nintendo has made it last longer


One of the other things that have improved significantly with this brand new 3DS Nintendo console is the battery life. Nintendo has been able to give gamers on the go even longer time to play by beefing up the 3DS XL power source to up to 6.5 hours, depending on how it’s being used.


A great range of titles – in 3D and 2D


If you already own a Nintendo 3DS, all you’re old games will run on the new system so you won’t have to start your collection from scratch. Those who are making the jump from older iterations of the Nintendo DS like the Nintendo DSi will also find it backwards compatible with their software. However, with the immense new 3DS XL screen, you can expect a very different gaming experience. Kid Icarus will soar through the sky in much more epic style and the classic platform action of Super Mario 3D Land will feel much more expansive and enjoyable.


Mario Dash

It’s-a me, Mario!

There are other improvements to the 3DS XL system that people will enjoy, including a better ergonomic design and a bigger SD card to play with, but most people will probably be buying the console to enjoy the sheer size of that new screen.

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