Undertale Review

Hi all, I’m finally going to review Toby Fox‘s Undertale because I completed it a few days ago.


Console: PC, you can get it on Steam.
Type of game: Old Fashioned RPG with dating sim elements and a lot of clever references
Favourite thing about this game: The character design and how the game could make you feel really bad for playing.

So, bit of backstory. I backed Undertale on Kickstarter about 2 years ago. I backed it was for a few reasons:

  • I was impressed by the promo video
  • It was described as this: “Although UNDERTALE is an original game, the demo has already received many favorable comparisons to the MOTHER (Earthbound) series, specifically MOTHER 3. Other have compared it to Cave Story, the Shin Megami Tensei series, Touhou, and Homestuck.” and if anything can be compared to Shin Megami Tensei then I’ll have a look
  • I loved the character designs
  • Some of the monsters were due to be designed by Magnolia Porter of Monster Pulse who I’m a big fan of
  • It looked like it had a cool plot
  • The tag line was “The RPG where nobody has to die” which is… a first

Not even kidding, I had this promo art as my wallpaper for a very long time at work.

undertale wallpaper

I hadn’t played the game by that stage, I just liked the picture of the big nice monster lady and the little kid.

So, now if you head over to The Undertale site you can buy it/watch the trailer.

Now I’ll actually talk about the game.


Undertale has these cool gameplay mechanics:

  • Solve puzzles to progress through areas (reminded me a bit of Zelda and Golden Sun)
  • Fight Monsters with timing based combat (Reminded me a bit of the Judgment Ring in Shadow Hearts but a bit less complex)
  • Talk to monsters and try to convince them not to fight any more (Now THIS is what reminded me Shin Megami Tensei III and I has happy that the comparison was legitimate)
  • Every monster has a unique fighting style so get very used to dodging
  • Every single enemy can be spared from death if you can figure out how to spare them
  • Some boss fights are really unique anbd fun (One reminded me of Bit Trip Core on a smaller scale)
Enemy Attacks

Enemy Attacks

Speaking with an enemy

Speaking with an enemy

Your combat system

Your combat system

Other Stuff

I’m not going to do spoilers because the game is actually pretty new (I hardly ever play new games)

Undertale has a plot that starts the exact same way as Final Fantasy III – you’re a small kid that falls down a hole. Your goal is to go home.

Ah crap I fell down a hole

Ah crap I fell down a hole

You meet lots of fun characters – they’re all monsters down here. My favourite is (naturally) the cute research scientist character because she is so cute.

Alphys Undertale

And you can’t go wrong with skeleton brothers

Undertale Papyrus and Sans

Oh, this song isn’t related, I just want to link it.

Speaking of the music, the soundtrack is really really good, listen to it over at Toby’s bandcamp (did I mention, Undertale is mostly by one guy? There are lots of other people involved too, but I think about 90%+ was by him).

Some of my favourites…

Seriously, you can get the game and the soundtrack for $18 which is a good price.

It’s a really sweet game with good characters, interesting mechanics and you can play it on a crappy computer without worrying about killing your computer. Would recommend, glad I backed it on Kickstarter. Keep supporting independent games makers.

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