12+ Video Game Females a Girl Gamer thinks are Sexy

OK, I dedicate this post to AJ and Jules who both have great conversational skills and twitter feeds.

Basically, this post isn’t a review but pictures of pretty girls from games according to me

Now, let’s get this started – I am open to suggestions. I’ll post any that you guys give.

In no particular order:

Christie Tekken

Christie Monteiro – Tekken

1) Christie Monteiro – Tekken

Christie is my favourite female character to play as. She’s a Brazilain Capoeira (a fighting style that combines dance and music) fighter. Mmm Hmmm.

Butcheress Bloodrayne

The Butcheress – BloodRayne

2) The Butcheress – BloodRayne

If there is one character sexier than the titular (haha, tit-ular) character, it’s this one. She’s a boss you fight once. What can I say, sexy Nazi doctor lady.

Rayne BloodRayne

Rayne – BloodRayne

3) Rayne – BloodRayne

Our Half-Vampire, Half-Human, 100% sexy heroine. She kills Nazis. The first game spawned 2 sequels (which I’d love to play) and 3 horrible films (which I’ve not seen but I presume they are horrible).

Shih Na Ace Attorney Investigations

Shih Na – Ace Attorney

4) Shih-Na – Ace Attorney Investigations

What can I say? How can you resist the dress with the massive slit up the side? And she looks like Lady Gaga which is awesome.

Stella and Loretta Sisters Castlevania Portrait of Ruin

Stella and Loretta – Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

5) and 6) Stella and Loretta – Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin

Now for some more modestly clothed characters. Stella and Loretta are the “evil” vampire sisters that attack Jonathan and Charlotte (no, not those kids from the X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent or anything) within the castle. You can also play as them. Like Balthier Albus mode in Order of Ecclesia, it’s a very easy play through.

Lady Devil May Cry

Lady – Devil May Cry

7) Lady – Devil May Cry

Lady is not only hot, but she kicks ass. Not to mention, carries a gun massive enough to make your eyes water.

Veronica Vera Shadow Hearts 2

Veronica Vera – Shadow Hearts: Covenant

8) Veronica Vera – Shadow Hearts: Covenant

I’ll say this much, there’s a scene with her lying naked in a bed. It’s just a shame she’s going to be with Rasputin.

Shiva Final Fantasy X

Shiva – Final Fantasy

9) Shiva – Final Fantasy

Shiva is in a lot of Final Fantasy games as a summon, but my favourite incarnation is her in Final Fantasy X (above). Mmmm Mmmm.

Fran Final Fantasy XII

Fran – Final Fantasy XII

10) Fran – Final Fantasy XII

Fran is one of those women that other women wish they had the body of. I certainly wish I had her athletic legs and butt. Sure, I could leave the ears, but she suits them. And she kicks ass.

Kaileena Prince of Persia

Kaileena – Prince of Persia

11) Kaileena – Prince of Persia

The Prince of Persia is a manslut, but he does seem to pick the sexiest ladies. Kaileena is voiced by Persephone from the Matrix Reloaded (totally forget her name!) and it suits her a lot.

Samus Aran Zero Suit

Samus Aran – Metroid

12) Samus Aran – Metroid

Having been doing some err “research” around what Samus looks like without her Power Suit on, she’s very um. Um. Yeah.

Paine Final Fantasy X-2

Paine – Final Fantasy X-2

13) Paine – Final Fantasy X-2

Ah, how could I forget? It’s a girl that looks like Squall. And a massive dyke. Hooray! Not to mention there are loads of alternate outfits.

LeBlanc Final Fantasy X-2

LeBlanc – Final Fantasy X-2

14) LeBlanc – Final Fantasy X-2

How could I forget my other favourite from X-2? Her great singing ability, her undying love for Nooj (of all people) and the massage mini-game. Ohhh yeahhhh.

Tifa Final Fantasy VII

Tifa – Final Fantasy VII

15) Tifa – Final Fantasy VII

As suggested by Steve who is not a girl but c’mon everyone loves a bit of Tifa. Or, two bits of Tifa… Look, I didn’t rename her “Titties” for nothing when playing VII.

Jill Nabaat Final Fantasy XIII

Jill Nabaat – Final Fantasy XIII

16) Jill Nabaat – Final Fantasy XIII

Also suggested by Steve from SEOno (I hope this is pronounced “S-E – OH NO!”) this picture makes me kind of want to play FFXIII. I need an XBox/PS3 first though.

Quistis Final Fantasy VIII

Quistis – Final Fantasy VIII

17) Quistis – Final Fantasy VIII

Steve also suggested Quistis. She is your barely legal school teacher who wields a whip. Oh yeah.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

18) Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

A total classic, suggested by none other than all around cool guy AJ Radburn. Lara is one of those women who only gets better with age.

Kasumi Dead or Alive

Kasumi – Dead or Alive

19) Kasumi – Dead or Alive

To be honest, I’m surprised to took us so long to get a DoA girl on this list. Suggested by Julian Kay – Kasumi is not only really cute but has a bunch of extra costumes to unlock. Oh yeah.

Ivy Soul Calibur

Ivy – Soul Calibur

20) Ivy – Soul Calibur

How could I forget a character whose assets grow with every installment? Lovely Ivy was suggested by Georgia (thanks!)


Bayonetta – Bayonetta

21) Bayonetta – Bayonetta

Ah, as put by Matt who runs a golfing blog: “What about Bayonetta rubbish game but hottie!” – couldn’t have put it better myself.

Yuffie Final Fantasy VII

Yuffie – Final Fantasy VII

22) Yuffie – Final Fantasy VII

Breaking the awkward “she’s under 18” barrier, is Michael Auty who suggested Yuffie from FFVII. “she’s got that roguish thing going on” – Acceptable.

Fujin Final Fantasy VIII

Fujin – Final Fantasy VIII

23) Fujin – Final Fantasy VIII

OK, now that barrier is broken, I’m adding Fujin. To a girl that likes other girls, she’s sexy – I initially thought she was a boy. Love that uniform and that fact she only speaks in one-word ALL CAPS sentances.

Fang Final Fantasy XIII

Fang – Final Fantasy XIII

24) Fang – Final Fantasy XIII

Another suggestion from Mr. Auty, is the beautiful Fang. She seems well clothed enough. Just enough showing in the right places.

Lilith Borderlands

Lilith – Borderlands 2

25) Lilith – Borderlands 2

Another Bold Suggestion from Michael, Lilith is a tiny creautre. But hey, she’s earned her right to be here.

Rikku Final Fantasy X-2

Rikku – Final Fantasy X

26) Rikku – Final Fantasy X

Michael also suggested Rikku. I prefer Paine myself, but hey, who can resist the hot spring scene? The fact you can change her outfit in X-2 is awesome.

Chun-Li Street Fighter

Chun-Li – Street Fighter

27) Chun-Li – Street Fighter

Like musclar girls that do high kicks? Chun-Li is apparently where sexy girls in video games started, according to Alan who runs the best Honda Accord forum in the UK.

Lulu Final Fantasy X

Lulu – Final Fantasy X

28) Lulu – Final Fantasy X

Suggested by my very own girlfriend, Lulu is pretty sexy. Especially when she wins a battle and leans over…

Beatrix Final Fantasy IX

Beatrix – Final Fantasy IX

29) Beatrix – Final Fantasy IX

Our first lady from FFIX – suggested by Puneet – I will get around to playing this game at some stage!

Hooker Prostitute Grand Theft Auto

Hookers – Grand Theft Auto

30) Hookers – Grand Theft Auto

Suggested by Mr Beans who is the kind of guy who plays GTA and goes on to steal cars. Oh yeah.

Princess Peach Super Mario

Princess Peach – Super Mario

31)Princess Peach – Super Mario

A bit more family friendly this time, this suggestion is also from Beans who runs Complete Personal Finance.

Princess Zelda Legend of Zelda

Princess Zelda – Legend of Zelda

32) Princess Zelda – Legend of Zelda

If you send me a picture it’s going to count as a suggestion, Stephen. Total Princess mode right now.

Ada Wong Resident Evil

Ada Wong – Resident Evil

33) Ada Wong – Resident Evil

As suggested by Phil – now that’s a woman in a red dress! Nice! Phil runs A cool moto GP site.

Joanna Dark Perfect Dark

Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark

34) Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark

Another suggestion from Stephen Kenwright who runs Hardcore Personal Finance – another nice lady who knows how to handle a gun.

Sophitia Soul Calibur

Sophitia – Soul Calibur

35) Sophitia – Soul Calibur

Another suggestion from Hardcore Kenwright, this angelic form in a very impractical outfit.

Vanille FFXIII

Vanille Final Fantasy XIII

36) Vanille – Final Fantasy XIII

Sweet Vanille, Michael Auty could not forget about you.

Rynn Drakan

Rynn – Drakan

37) Rynn – Drakan

Klaus recommended Rynn from Drakan. Not a game I’ve heard of, but it’s high-fantasy and sounds pretty awesome. Dragons and sexy ladies are a good combo.

Yuna Final Fantasy X

Yuna – Final Fantasy X

38) Yuna – Final Fantasy X

Brad from Sunny Tales told me this morning that he thought Yuna was worthy of being included in this post. In the First FFX game she’s dressed pretty conservative but her clothes get a lot more revealing in FFX-2 so…

Sniper Wolf Metal Gear Solid

Sniper Wolf – Metal Gear Solid

39) Sniper Wolf – Metal Gear Solid

Brad also suggested Sniper Wolf – the first Metal Gear Solid lady to make an appearance!

Juliet Lollipop Chainsaw

Juliet – Lollipop Chainsaw

40) Juliet – Lollipop Chainsaw

As our 40th lady, Rhys suggests Juliet. “Gotta love a zombie slaughtering skank :)”

Miranda Mass Effect

Miranda – Mass Effect

41) Miranda – Mass Effect

It had to happen! Miranda from massive effect was suggested by Beans. Quite a tight fitting… outfit…

Cortana Halo

Cortana – Halo

42) Cortana – Halo

What a babe! Cortana really isn’t wearing clothes, is she? Suggested by Nick. (Good job!)

Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat

42) Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat

Suggested by George. A classic!

Mai Shiranui King of Fighters Fatal Fury Breast Jiggle Gif

Mai Shiranui

43) Mai Shiranui – King of Fighters/Fatal Fury

Suggested in the comments, I just HAD to use a gif for this one. You know why.

Reiko Hinomoto Rumble Roses

Reiko Hinomoto

44) Reiko Hinomoto – Rumble Roses

Also suggested in the comments, this cutie from the girl-on-girl wrestling game Rumble Roses. Why the heck not!

Honourable Mentions

Queen Brahne Final Fantasy IX

Queen Brahne – Final Fantasy IX

Queen Brahne – Final Fantasy IX

Also suggested by P, Ms. Brahne is the traditional “not over until the fat lady sings” right? Bigger is better and all that.

I know there are LOADS more – so, suggestions please! I will put up a picture and a link to your site/twitter for any suggestions! You can even suggest something if you are not a gamer or a girl!


  1. Puneet says:

    Kelly Brook! Need For Speed Underground 2!

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  3. klaus says:

    Nice Collection!

    You missed Rynn from Drakan, though… strangely the game ist not that popular… best PS2 game I ever played (“The Ancients’ Gates”).

  4. Nick says:

    You forgot Cortan from Halo.

  5. ClassicsBruh says:

    Saw classics like Kasumi,Lara Croft,Tifa and Chun-Li.So my question: You forgot Mai Shiranui?

    Also a lesser well known one(VERY well-known in Japan),but EXTREMELY sexy Reiko Hinomoto.=)

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