The Worst Super Hero Games Ever

Hey guys, a friend of mine asked if she could write a post on crappy Super-Hero games so here you go!

Superhero movies have dominated the summer movie season the last few years, and with the quality of films such as Thor, The Avengers, and X-Men: First Class it’s not difficult to see why the superhero genre has been so successful at the box office.


One realm where caped crusaders haven’t always fared so well, however, is on video game consoles. Some games were rushed to market as move tie-ins, while others were just poorly conceived and constructed. Regardless of the reasoning, the following superhero games represent some of the worst of the worst (in no particular order).


Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer


A terrible movie produced a terrible game, shocking. While this game did a decent job of capturing the varied powers unique to the Fantastic Four, the overall gameplay was just so incredibly repetitive. Levels that were too long and filled with too many low-level enemies followed by brainless smash ’em up-style boss battles proved exhausting. Coupled with a poor plot and tedious control scheme, this game definitely earned a spot on this list.


Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis


A superhero game set underwater sounds like it should be pretty cool right? Well not when the result is something like this. With horrible graphics that make Aquaman look like an aging glam rocker, a limited move scheme that gives way to mindless button mashing to defeat enemies, and the same body model for every baddie the player encounters this game has been consistently named as one of the worst games of all-time.


Thor: God of Thunder


The first Thor film was excellent. The tie-in game was not. Despite boasting the voice talents of actors from the film, the game itself was relatively boring. It was a generic hack-and-slash game that didn’t find a way to utilize the title character’s range of powers. Add in the fact that the game only had a single-player mode and the many glitches on the console version, and it’s hard to call this effort anything but disappointing.




Unlike Thor, the movie this game was based on was terrible. The Halle Berry Catwoman film was historically bad, and the tie-in game did little to redeem the source material. The game makers apparently spent all their time making sure digital Halle Berry looked perfect, and ignored everything else that makes a game worthwhile. The combat controls and camera system were atrocious, as was just about everything else about this game.


Superman 64


While the rest of this list isn’t in any kind of order, it should be noted that this game is definitely the worst of the bunch. Routinely regarded as one of the worst games of any kind ever made, this game was plagued by unresponsive controls, sub par graphics, and incredibly frustrating gameplay. This game came out 15 years ago, and it is so awful that even all these years on the legend of it’s failure continues to grow.

Despite a long history of bad games, the present and future look great for gamers that love super powered protagonists. Superhero games have thrived on social media, mobile platforms, and even on casino slot has reviews of a number of such games- and with the emergence of those new platforms superhero games look to have found a much brighter future.


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