Yoshi’s Island DS Review

A little while ago I played Yoshi’s Island for the GBA thanks to my friend Jules. Once again I’ve been given the chance to review a Yoshi game: Yoshi’s Island DS.

Yoshi ISland DS Cover Art

Console: DS
Compared to Yoshi’s Island for GBA? Much more variety, more fun
Compared to Yoshi Touch and Go for DS? Wayyyy better. That game is just not very good at all.

I think I’ve mentioned before but the Yoshi’s Island series is something I’ve wanted to play since being a kid. I saw it in a Nintendo Magazine and lamented that I was never bought it.

But here we are today! It might not be the N64 version I wanted as a kid, but never mind!

The concept is the same as the GBA game – You play as a family of Yoshis and you carry Baby versions of Super Mario characters on your back.

Yoshis Island Baby Characters

Look at how cute they are

Each Baby has a different ability that helps Yoshi access different areas in each level. For example, Baby Peach has the ability to use her parasol to float on drafts. This is a nice shout out to Super Mario Bros 2 where she could glide as she jumped.

Super Mario Bros 2 Peach

She is probably floating you just can’t tell

I quite liked the variety this added to the game. Depending on what Baby you’re carrying, each level can be travesed differently – some levels fore you (or highly encourage you) to use one specific set of skills and others allow you to switch babies to solve certain puzzles.

Yoshis Island DS Mario DK

DK has the ability to swing on vines

It’s slightly different from Super Mario – those games tend to be “keep going right until you finish” but Yoshi’s Island DS retains the puzzle solving element (which was also found in Warioland). You need to find keys and sometimes switches to advance in certain levels.

As a whole, Yoshi’s Island DS retains the same cutesy style as previous games – and it suits it. Everything has cute little eyes and even big boss monsters are cute. Castle levels aren’t as creepy as in Mario games (they lack the omnious music anyway) – which is fine. Yoshi’s Island is for a younger audience, although it can be enjoyed by all ages.

Yoshis Island DS Levels

Look how cute the lava monster is

Who is your favourite “Mario World Baby” to control? I’ll stick with Peach – zooming around on the wind is really fun!

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